About Valerie

Thanks for viewing my site, I’m so glad you’re here!

And why am I here?  Quite simply: My love for creating and sharing life with others.  This is so deeply embedded in my soul, I don’t think I could get up in the morning without knowing that I will experience something or someone new, or create something that came from the truest north of my heart, mind, and intellect.  Even just finding a different route to get to work, listening to a new song, or meeting someone for the first time.

ART: Color, movement, and texture connect my soul to canvas, with the intent and desire to create a connection with others in each piece.   My greatest wish is to share the richness of life and endless opportunities for adventure and discovery through my art.

WRITING:  I frequently discover opportunities for learning and (or) humor in life’s idiosyncracies.  So, I write. I write for fun; I write for personal growth; I write for work; I write emails and Tweets and comments on Facebook; but what better way to share and write stories than with a blog?

MUSIC:  Music has always been a huge part of my life. Playing instruments, listening, singing, sharing.  I’ll share stories about my more unique experiences with music.  As I become more adept at editing this website I’ll add clips and playlists, new artists, and anything else I can think of to make it an experience worth coming back to.

This site will always be a work in progress and an adventure to keep, but my greatest wish is that it will become a fun and interesting way to spend a little time just being – for myself and anyone who visits.  I hope you will come back and share your own creations – thoughts, art, music, whatever your passion – because this is a place for hearts and souls to connect. 

It’s about all of us, not just about me.

— Valerie

2 thoughts on “About Valerie

    • Isn’t it wonderful to have a spot that is all yours, where you can create and feel your heart get filled up. Doesn’t matter where that place is, as long as that’s what it gives you.

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