Creativity and chemical imbalance (or is it ‘mental illness’?)…

Creative stuff 001Artistically creative people – in large proportion compared to those who aren’t – are very prone to mental illness, and often seen as “weird” and “irrational”.

The chemical imbalance and enhanced activity in the parts of the brain that control emotion and creative thinking causes them to feel more deeply than most, and experience emotion, empathy, pain and joy to the point it completely envelops their perceptions of life! They tend to be exceptionally intuitive, insightful, self-absorbed (due to the fact they are constantly questioning and examining not only the world, but themselves), and have unquenchable desire to make a difference and be appreciated by others for their vision and creative talents. Some lean toward a contrary and even self-destructive way of expressing these characteristics, and others are able to express themselves in such a way that is more acceptable – and healthier. Rarely – if ever – is a creative mind that is also afflicted by chemical imbalance understandable to the masses. It’s a frustrating existence, and one that will chip away at a person’s confidence and security if we allow ourselves to accept the labels given us by those who have no understanding. Creativity and mental illness ain’t for sissies.

With love, empathy, joy and pain from a chemically imbalanced, creative person who is still trying to figure out how to reconcile societal expectation with the gifts (?) God gave me.

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