Thoughts for Our World

Just feel a need to share some thoughts, and want to know yours too if you’re inclined. We could all use a peaceful conversation about life these days.


This country has just grown too large and become too complicated for any one of us to expect everyone else to act according to Biblical principles, or according to any one group’s principles, beliefs or ways of thinking.

In a perfect world – which clearly ours is not – that’s where law would come in, and we would always be able to count on the democratic process. However, in the real world we have certain lawmakers who aren’t interested in fairness, justice or keeping the peace, but only their own monetary and (or) political gain. We have citizens who forget where we all came from, and that our Nation was built on the convergence of cultures and people who love freedom.

We also see those who refuse to understand the principles that build a strong work ethic and encourage self-sufficiency. People and organizations who – out of their own guilt or anger or misguided sense of responsibility – insist on creating a culture of co-dependence and not allowing us the freedom to make our own mistakes and pay for them.

The best we can do in our world is to live our lives according to our own moral compass, share our testimony and experience with those who have ears to listen, and do our best to love each other. YES, LOVE each other! We need to remember that we’ve all fallen short. None of us – not one – is perfect or claims ownership to the right answers.

Let’s cut each other some slack, listen to reason, and try to treat each other and ourselves with dignity and respect. Let’s stop looking at differing opinions and cultures as a threat to our well-being, and welcome them as an opportunity to learn how to live and love more completely.

Maybe I’m asking too much, but I’ll always hold out hope.

Comments? Leave them here.

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