Relationship Addiction Does NOT Have to be Terminal: Sojourn to Freedom

If you’ve never experienced relationship addiction, which more often than not also becomes abusive – emotional, physical, even sexual – you can’t imagine why anyone would stay in such a situation. And not just stay, but often leave and return and in some cases end up losing everything because of it; their livelihood, self-respect, family – even their own life.

I have finally become free of a decade-long relationship addiction.  Free from the insanity that pervades every aspect of one’s life when another person becomes the sole focus and all logic and intellect is pushed aside.  Free to realize my own potential.

Tonight I begin a journey that will solidify my commitment to freedom and living a healthy life, for me and those who truly love and care for me.  I’ll begin to say good riddance to self-absorbed insanity. And  I hope to help others who are still “in it” to know and understand what it feels like to be committed to real, healthy love and relationships rather than addicted to abusive ones.

Watch for updates over the next few days and learn more about what I’ll be doing, why I’m doing it, and my progress as I plan this adventure which will move me toward defining my next decade and leaving the past decade behind.

I hope my experiences might help even one person believe that it is still possible to live a healthy life that can recapture dreams she or he thought were lost.

On Tuesday, June 19th I’ll post details of my own personal journey through relationship addiction.  And on June 20th I will begin an exciting, post-addiction sojourn that most of you would never consider undertaking purposely.

5 thoughts on “Relationship Addiction Does NOT Have to be Terminal: Sojourn to Freedom

  1. I can totally relate…having left an abusive relationship 20+ years ago…it is hard to take the first step, but once you step out, there is no turning back…All I can say is stay strong….

  2. I’m settling in to watch the journey. It’s sounding a bit like the one I embarked on about 15 yrs ago. We’re new friends and may not know each other very well (YET) but I’m here to support you, cheer you on, and remind you that it can only get better from here! – Lori

  3. I hope you take your bible with you in that bag! You are so much stronger when you are in the word and when the holy spirit is in your heart. Since you will be so broke…now would be a great time for fast and prayer! LOL

  4. Well Valerie…I have seen you in your relationship and have seen the ups and downs. I will be praying that you stay strong in the Lord and walk in “HIS” light and stay out of the darkness. I love you and want the best for you always.

    • He has given me the greatest gift of all! Discernment. Not sure why He made me so stubborn and difficult to teach, but it’s also made me stronger. 🙂

      Love you too Robin. xoxox

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