Valerie’s Art Tasting Room

Relax, savor the colors and feel the movement of the brush strokes. Swirl each one around your senses and let the taste of creation soothe your soul.

I hope you love this flight of original art as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Which flavor speaks to your heart?

Please tell me how my art spoke to you by leaving a comment or sharing my website…

3 thoughts on “Valerie’s Art Tasting Room

  1. This is an interesting concept. Your art work is unusual and shows the freedom of expression you have. It is inspiring for me after being way from painting in a very long time. Who knows what may happen now! How do I send pictures of my art? Am I missing something? Congratulations on finding a new method of presenting your talent.

      • You’re welcome. I admire your spontaneity and imagination. That was something I didn’t have when I was painting. I loved doing it though and would like to do it again, but am not sure can right now. I will ‘gather’ my paintings, scan them and then email them to you. So many of them I no longer have…gave them to whomever asked for them. Nice to know they are wanted. 🙂

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